Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Muse Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Muse
Samsung Galaxy Muse
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Do you fancy working out or jogging while listening to music but are not keen on lugging your Android-powered smartphone around? Well, Samsung recently unveiled a small and trendy MP3 player that may give the iPod Shuffle a run for its money. The South Korean company recently added the Samsung Galaxy Muse into its Galaxy line of devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Muse has a similar price tag as the iPod Shuffle but has a bigger storage capacity. It allows you to go through your workout sessions or jog on usual route while listening to your favorite music without having to bring your Android smartphone around.

The MP3 player from Samsung offers a total storage of 4G, which is twice the storage capacity of the iPod Shuffle. Both devices have a price tag of around $50. The Samsung Galaxy Muse features the Music Sync Android, which allows you to sync music from your Samsung Galaxy device without using a PC.

The Samsung Galaxy Muse can be linked with the Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, and the Samsung Galaxy S3. It can be connected to these Galaxy devices through a connector cable, which comes with the Samsung Galaxy Muse package.  It offers the same playback controls as a standard media device including skip, shuffle, and go back.

The integrated clip on the Samsung Galaxy Muse will allow users to attach the device into their clothing.

The Samsung Galaxy Muse is currently available through and comes in two color options, marble white and pebble blue.

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