Sunday, January 6, 2013

Summer Release Of Low-Priced Amazon Smartphone Hinted

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Last July, reports emerged on the possibility that an Amazon smartphone was being developed by the online retail giant. Recently Taiwan Economic News revealed that Amazon will release around five million units of the device as early as April next year,

It seems the company may be attempting to duplicate its success with the Amazon Kindle Fire with the Amazon smartphone. The report added that Foxconn was contracted to manufacture the device. Foxconn is widely-known as the manufacturer of the iPhone of Apple.

The selling point of the supposed Amazon smartphone will be its cheap price tag as it goes up against the giants in the smartphone industry, Apple and Samsung.

The price of the Amazon smartphone will reportedly be in the $100 to $200 range, which means it is an exceptionally low-priced smartphone. And cheap does not automatically mean that its hardware will be limited as proven by the Google Nexus 4, which is a rather low-priced high-end smartphone.

Amazon has been rather successful in offering low-priced hardware since it does not depend on the sale of the hardware for its profit. Instead the company shows a profit through the sale of e-books, videos and other downloaded content after the device is purchased by the consumers. This may be the same strategy that the company will use if it will release an Amazon smartphone.

The AmazonKindle Fire tablets use a modified version of the Android OS, which is user-friendly. Some industry watchers are waiting if the company will use a similar interface with the reported Amazon smartphone.

For the moment, Amazon has not issued any statements in connection to the reports of the supposed device. Because of this, it may be advisable to take the report with a grain of salt until after the Amazon smartphone will be officially announced by the online retail giant.

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