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Sony PlayStation 4 May Be Unveiled Sooner Than Expected

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4
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Specs of the Sony PlayStation 4 were revealed in an event last February where the controller of the PS4 was unveiled by the company. The company also revealed the stereo camera that features motion-capture functionalities. However it did not unveil the console itself.

But a source that had some knowledge about the marketing strategy of the company revealed that the next model of the game console from Sony may be launched by the end of this month or at the start of next month. The source added that the company is trying to increase the hype for the device as it released information about the console on a piecemeal basis.

A number of industry watchers were expecting more news about the PlayStation 4 during the Game Developers Conference recently, but apparently the company only disclosed some of the hardware used for the PS4.

Since the game console was not unveiled at the Game Developers Conference, it may be possible for Sony to organize an event that will launch the PlayStation 4 unless it will make the big reveal at the E3 gaming conference, which is scheduled to be held in June. The source indicated that Sony is aiming to do this for the PS4 and the event is set to be held around April or May.

On the other hand, the supposed Xbox 720 of Microsoft will reportedly be unveiled before the end of the month. However, it remains uncertain if this will indeed happen since the company typically makes a big reveal of major gaming products during the E3 event as shown with the Kinect and the Xbox 360.

A countdown was also posted by Microsoft on its blog to the upcoming E3 event this year. Some industry watchers indicated that this may countdown to the reported Xbox720.

However, Microsoft has not given hints about its supposed game console, it did not even give any indications that it was working on a game console. This is in contrast to Sony, which gave out some tidbits of information about the PlayStation 4. At present, only the Nintendo Wii U is the latest iteration of the game consoles in the market.  The PS4 and the supposed Xbox 720 are expected to be unveiled before the end of the year.

Since the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 were not unveiled at the Game Developers Conference, Ouya and Oculus VR were highlighted at the event as the two Kickstarter-funded companies unveiled some products that they aim to release this year.

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