Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Xbox 720 Demand May Be Lower Due To Used Game Restrictions

Xbox 720
Xbox 720
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Reports that the Xbox 720 will supposedly reject used video games compelled a videogame retailer to issue a statement recently. The retailer gets a good portion of its revenue from the sales of used videogames.

Matt Hodges, spokesman for GameStop, indicated that a survey conducted by the company showed that a good number of their clients will not acquire a game console that restricts the use of previously-owned videogames.

The statements were issued following a report confirming the rumors about the plan of Microsoft for the next generation videogame console. The report supposedly confirmed earlier rumors that the Xbox 720 will prevent the use of previously-owned video games using a game activation control procedure.

Hodges revealed that the demand for the supposed Xbox 720 will be affected by its restriction against playing used videogames. He added that the 21 million members of the loyalty program of the retailer were tapped in the survey to establish whether this reported videogame console will be popular among users.

No statements were issued by Microsoft in connection to the report about the Xbox 720. Although GameStop has not revealed if it had any details about the plans for the next generation console of Microsoft, it has a number of reasons in making the revelation. Shares of the company declined by six percent after the emergence of the reports that confirmed the limitation set by the device on used videogames.

The report also showed that the next generation videogame console will be bundled with the latest Kinect hardware and will use the Blu-ray format for its physical media discs. It will also be necessary for the supposed Xbox 720 to have an internet connection to function. 

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