Sunday, February 10, 2013

Xbox 720 To Come With Voice Control Feature

Xbox 720
Xbox 720
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Shouting at a game console normally does not result to anything but strained vocal chords and angry neighbors, but if recent reports are true, the upcoming Xbox 720 can probably give you a piece of its mind if you have some rather unsavory comments about  a game you are playing.

Recent reports have indicated that a continuous internet connection may be necessary for the upcoming device. This continuous internet connection for the upcoming Xbox 720 may be related to reports that the device will come with a voice control feature that is similar to Siri of Apple. A continuous internet connection is required for virtual personal assistants such as Google Now and Siri to function properly.

The living room has become the latest battleground for gaming consoles, and reports have given indications that Apple is set to unveil its own HDTV offering.

Despite years of rumors, the supposed Apple HDTV has never made appearance in the market. On the other hand, Microsoft seems to be working on making a beachhead at the favorite place of the house of couch potatoes. But reports about the supposed Xbox 720 remain in the realm of rumors even up to now.

A representative from Microsoft said that the company does not make any statements in connection to speculations. The representative added that the company us always working on the next big thing for their platform although it does not have anything else to share for the moment.

All of this may change soon due to reports have hinted at the possible launch of the next generation Xbox of Microsoft in the coming month. But this remains to be seen, so unless an official announcement is made by the company about the reported Xbox 720, all of the reports will remain in the realm of rumor-mongering.

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