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Upcoming iPad 5 To Be Slimmer And Lighter

iPad 5
iPad 5
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An analyst who is considered to have a good record when it comes to upcoming product offerings of Apple revealed that the next iPad or the iPad 5 will be lighter and slimmer compared to the current models of the device.

According to Mingchi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities, the next full-size model of the iPad will be lighter and slimmer, which is what the company used to practice in the past. In addition to the reduction in the size of the tablet, the company will also enhance the display of the iPad 5, reduce the battery size and use an A-series processor. The same touch technology that is used on the iPad Mini will also be used on the upcoming model of the iPad.

Kuo indicated in a note to investors that the main characteristics of the next iPad will be its lighter and slimmer design. Kuo added that these are some of the reasons why the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 did not do well in the market since they were thicker and heavier compared to the iPad 2.

These models were released into the market seven months apart, and consumers may have waited for the next version since the iPad 3 used the now-obsolete 30-pin connector. The next full-size model of the iPad is expected to be released within the third quarter of the year.

The revelation of the analyst is the latest report that hints of a slimmer model for the next iPad. The design of the upcoming iPad 5 will be similar to the design of the last three models, which is unlike that of the iPod and the iPhone. Last December, a report hinted at the possibility that a slimmer model of the iPad was being developed by Apple. However, the report also indicated that it was supposed to be launched by the company last month. A number of cases for the supposed iPad 5 have started to emerge, and the design hinted at the possibility that the next iPad will be slim, similar to the iPad Mini.

The accuracy of the predictions of Kuo has been uncanny since he was able to reveal the plans and the release schedule of the 13-inch model of the Retina MacBook Pro as well as the details about the iPad and the iPod. Prior to this, he was also accurate when he reported about the schedule for the iPhone 4 and the overhaul of the MacBook Pro product lineup. These speculations have led some industry watchers to take a closer look at his recent note to investors in connection to the iPad 5.

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