Sunday, April 7, 2013

Xbox 720 Features Always Online Capability . . . For Three Minutes That Is

Xbox 720
Xbox 720
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What does it bring to the table? This is one of the questions that gaming enthusiasts ask whenever a new product is set to be released into the market, and the reported Xbox 720 is no exception.

Latest reports have indicated that the new Xbox of Microsoft will have the capability of binge able to remain online up to around three minutes even if the internet connection goes down. Although no official statement was released by Microsoft in connection to the report, the upcoming model of the game console will reportedly suspend a game while it troubleshoots the problem if there is an interruption of up to around three minutes.

This recent report is connected to an earlier report that showed some screenshots of the development kit of the Xbox 720. The report indicated that the console will have an always-connected and always-on feature.

The game console from Microsoft is expected to be introduced at the E3 gaming conference in June. It will reportedly have a power state that will allow it to remain online all the time even when it is not used, using a small amount of electricity while doing so. The always-on feature will allow gamers to easily connect and reduce waiting time while it restarts or when it is being updated.

The Xbox 720 will reportedly also come with an enhanced Kinect motion sensor that will also provide the console its power source. The next-generation console will reportedly not function without the Kinect sensor.

A number of reports have emerged in connection to the Xbox 720, including reports that it will not offer Blu-ray support as well as the possible launch by April, which is two months before the E3 event.

Aside from the game console from Microsoft, Sony will reportedly unveil the PlayStation 4 sometime before the E3 event. If these reports are accurate it may steal some of the thunder of the Xbox 720 when it will be introduced into the market.

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