Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Google Glass App Allows Images To Be Recorded At A Wink Of An Eye

Google Glass
Google Glass
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Winking at someone may soon mean more than just showing attraction once a Google Glass app will be released into the market.

A Google Glass app was developed where users will be able to take images by a simple wink of an eye.

The app, aptly named Winky, goes around the touch panel control along the side of the augmented-reality eyewear in order to record the image. The voice command is not anymore necessary for the device since the user will only have to start up the app and it will allow the user to immediately take picture discreetly using the sight on the device.

A simple wink will be the ultimate dream of a paparazzo since it does away with the need to order the device to take an image. Roundarch Isobar developer revealed that the wink will allow users to record their lives with minimal effort. This may be considered silly for many people but its outcome will be treasured for a very long time.

This particular feature may be limited to developers who were able to get their hands on the Developer Edition of the device, once it becomes available in the open market, expect a number of unwelcome images to flood the web. This has raised concerns among numerous sectors in society, particularly those who may not want their photos to be spread throughout the worldwide web.

Any smartphone app will pale in comparison to this upcoming Google Glass app since it allows users to record images without the subject even having the slightest idea about it.

Winking may be something taken for granted among majority of the masses, but when this particular Google Glass app enters the market, it may be expected for many people to scrutinize everyone who blinks at their direction.

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