Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Uncertainties About The iPad Mini

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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Since the reported smaller version of the iPad has yet to show itself in the market, a number of uncertainties on its features remain. The reported iPad Mini is one of the biggest mysteries in the world of gadgets even as more reports have emerged pointing to its upcoming launch into the market.

The number of images and reports that have emerged has increased speculations on its upcoming entry into the market. Despite the reports hinting at the supposed features of the iPad Mini, it remains uncertain which of these reports have a hint of accuracy in them.

One of the biggest questions in the mind of consumers is the price of the reported iPad Mini. With the release of a number of cheaper tablet devices from numerous companies, speculations have hinted at a price range of around $199 up to $399. The pricing will likely be influenced by the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7, and the upcoming Barnes & Noble Nook HD, which are all priced at $199. Despite their low price tag, these devices offer impressive features for a tablet measuring seven inches.

Another uncertainty is the name itself. After the latest model of the iPad was simply called the new iPad, speculations have emerged on the possibility that the supposed iPad Mini may have a different name. Some have even hinted of the possibility that it may be called the iPad Air.

The screen resolution of the supposed iPad Mini also remains uncertain. Reports have hinted at the possibility that the smaller version of the iPad will not feature the Retina Display of the new iPad and may have a resolution similar to the iPad 2. However with its smaller screen, the iPad Mini will likely have a higher pixel density compared to the second-generation iPad.

The storage options of the iPad Mini is also another unknown. Since a number of seven-inch devices feature a 16GB internal storage, it may be possible that the reported iPad Mini will not have the 32GB and 64GB storage option that is available for the first three models of the device. If the iPad Mini will have a similar storage option as the bigger iPad, it may affect the market for these full-sized devices especially if the iPad will be offered at a lower price tag.

With its smaller size and lower price tag, some of the features of the full-size device may not be included in the iPad Mini. It may have a downgraded processor and camera. The reported iPad Mini may even not offer 3G or 4G connectivity.

With the recent release of the various color options of the iPod Touch, it may be possible for the reported iPad to be offered in different color options as well. Earlier supposed leaked images of the device showed an aluminum design for the device. But if the device will be offered in different colors, it may be an appealing holiday gift option when it is released into the market.

It may also be possible for the reported iPad Mini to offer an impressive accessory similar to the Smart Cover of the iPad 2. The reported device may even offer a case that features a keyboard to make it a rather tempting option to the recently devices that have been released into the market.

These unknowns will remain, well, unknowns until the reported iPad Mini will be finally released into the market by Apple.

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