Sunday, August 19, 2012

Supposed Images of Motherboard for iPhone 5 Emerge

Motherboard for iPhone 5
Motherboard for iPhone 5
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Despite an earlier lockdown imposed by Apple on its products, it appears that there are still some leaks somewhere as another image reportedly emerged in connection to the new iPhone 5.

The latest leaked image was posted by a WiPhone forum user that supposedly shows the motherboard / logic board of the next version of the iPhone of Apple. Although the processor is not included in the supposed leaked image, the smaller slot for the SIM card for the new iPhone 5 is noticeable.

The images show the front and back views of the board where the processor is positioned. It shows that the SIM card that will be used on the new iPhone 5 may be smaller compared to the one used on the current versions of the device.

An earlier leaked image had shown the nano-SIM of the new iPhone 5 and this latest leaked image adds more credence to earlier reports of a smaller SIM card for the next version of the iPhone.

In addition to the smaller SIM card, an iPhone repair company, iDeviceGuys, indicated that the battery connector shown on the supposed image of the new iPhone 5 motherboard only had four pins compared to the five pins that is found the earlier versions of the device. This gives an indication that the new iPhone 5 will likely feature a battery with a much higher capacity.

The latest leaked images were supposedly posted by the same user who had posted the genuine images of the motherboard for the iPhone 4S last year. It has now joined a number of leaked images of the new iPhone 5, which will reportedly be launched by Apple next month.

Earlier leaked images showed the different components of the new iPhone 5 including an image that supposedly showed an assembled model of the still-unreleased device.

As the supposed launch of the new iPhone 5 approaches, reports have continued to emerge and all of these reports will only be substantiated when the company will finally release the much-anticipated device into the market.

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