Friday, April 12, 2013

Reported Xbox 720 May Feature AMD Processor

Xbox 720
Xbox 720
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It seems that reports about the next-generation Xbox have started to pour in with the latest report indicating that the supposed Xbox 720 will feature an AMD processor to facilitate the porting of PC titles into the game console from Microsoft.

The upcoming game console is expected to be launched by next month and will reportedly be a system-on-a-chip that will use the Jaguar CPU of AMD along with a graphics chip that is supposedly better to the ones used on the current models of the game console.

The CNET report indicated that the chip that will be used on the next-generation Xbox will be based on the x86 architecture. This means game developers will not find it difficult to port game titles from mobile devices or PCs into the supposed Xbox 720. Game development costs will go down since the architecture used on the game console is the same one that developers are already using when they develop games.

On the part of AMD, the use of their chip on the next Xbox is considered another accomplishment following the announcement by Sony that its PlayStation 4 will also be using an AMD processor. However, Sony has not yet officially launched the device. The visuals on the game console of Sony will be better compared to the ones that are currently available in the market.

The collaboration between Microsoft and AMD on the next-generation Xbox does not surprise industry watchers since earlier reports have hinted at the possibility that the two companies are working together in the development of the supposed Xbox 720.

Neal Robison, the ISV relationship management director of AMD, had indicated in 2011 that the next-generation Xbox of Microsoft will come with enough power for individual personalities in the games, which will give them a more human-like characteristic.

Robison also indicated that the supposed Xbox 720 will have the capability of offering graphics that are similar to the ones found on the 2009 hit movie, “Avatar.”

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