Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Xbox 720 Announcement May Come On May 21

Xbox 720
Xbox 720
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Will gamers finally get some solid information about the oft-reported next-generation Xbox or what some have dubbed as the Xbox 720 by May 21?

According to reports, the software giant may make the announcement during an event on that date, which was initially scheduled this month. This reaffirms the information that was revealed earlier by Paul Thurrott, a Windows blogger. Thurrot revealed through an interview that Microsoft planned to make the announcement on April 24 however it was rescheduled to May 21.

The event on May 21 where the next-generation Xbox will be announced is reportedly going to be small, according to The Verge. It will give some information of the game console that was given the codename Durango. The supposed Xbox 720 is anticipated to be officially introduced during the E3 event in June and will become available in the market before the end of the year.

The standard model game console will reportedly have a $500 price tag while the subscription-based model will be priced at $300, Thurrott said. He also gave some insight on reports that the “Durango” will reportedly require continuous internetconnection, which got the creative director into hot water after he told people to simply deal with this supposed requirement for the next-generation Xbox.

Thurrott was unsure of this requirement for the next-generation Xbox, but he did indicate earlier that the game console should be connected to the internet to use it. Although he did not give the source of this particular piece of information about the reported Xbox 720, he has the knack of revealing accurate tidbits about the plan of the software giant.

An earlier revelation of the blogger also indicated that the Xbox 360 will be update and will have a price tag of $99. This gives indications that Xbox 360 games may not be playable on the Xbox 720. However, the cheaper Xbox 360 may be offered as an alternative to other cheaper consoles that are currently in the market today.

Thurrot further indicated that the upcoming Microsoft game console will be released by November, which will make it ready for the holiday shopping season.

The software giant has not given any information in connection to the next-generation Xbox. The company indicated that it does not make any statements about speculations after it was asked about the reports connected to the announcement about the supposed Xbox 720 by May 21.

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