Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Uncertainties About The iPad Mini

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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Since the reported smaller version of the iPad has yet to show itself in the market, a number of uncertainties on its features remain. The reported iPad Mini is one of the biggest mysteries in the world of gadgets even as more reports have emerged pointing to its upcoming launch into the market.

The number of images and reports that have emerged has increased speculations on its upcoming entry into the market. Despite the reports hinting at the supposed features of the iPad Mini, it remains uncertain which of these reports have a hint of accuracy in them.

One of the biggest questions in the mind of consumers is the price of the reported iPad Mini. With the release of a number of cheaper tablet devices from numerous companies, speculations have hinted at a price range of around $199 up to $399. The pricing will likely be influenced by the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7, and the upcoming Barnes & Noble Nook HD, which are all priced at $199. Despite their low price tag, these devices offer impressive features for a tablet measuring seven inches.

Another uncertainty is the name itself. After the latest model of the iPad was simply called the new iPad, speculations have emerged on the possibility that the supposed iPad Mini may have a different name. Some have even hinted of the possibility that it may be called the iPad Air.

The screen resolution of the supposed iPad Mini also remains uncertain. Reports have hinted at the possibility that the smaller version of the iPad will not feature the Retina Display of the new iPad and may have a resolution similar to the iPad 2. However with its smaller screen, the iPad Mini will likely have a higher pixel density compared to the second-generation iPad.

The storage options of the iPad Mini is also another unknown. Since a number of seven-inch devices feature a 16GB internal storage, it may be possible that the reported iPad Mini will not have the 32GB and 64GB storage option that is available for the first three models of the device. If the iPad Mini will have a similar storage option as the bigger iPad, it may affect the market for these full-sized devices especially if the iPad will be offered at a lower price tag.

With its smaller size and lower price tag, some of the features of the full-size device may not be included in the iPad Mini. It may have a downgraded processor and camera. The reported iPad Mini may even not offer 3G or 4G connectivity.

With the recent release of the various color options of the iPod Touch, it may be possible for the reported iPad to be offered in different color options as well. Earlier supposed leaked images of the device showed an aluminum design for the device. But if the device will be offered in different colors, it may be an appealing holiday gift option when it is released into the market.

It may also be possible for the reported iPad Mini to offer an impressive accessory similar to the Smart Cover of the iPad 2. The reported device may even offer a case that features a keyboard to make it a rather tempting option to the recently devices that have been released into the market.

These unknowns will remain, well, unknowns until the reported iPad Mini will be finally released into the market by Apple.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reports Hint at Samsung Galaxy Premier

Samsung Galaxy Premier
Samsung Galaxy Premier
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Fresh from the recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, recent reports have emerged revealing a new smartphone will be released into the market by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Premier.

The reported device will be better compared to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but has lesser features compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Premier will reportedly offer a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and will have the same screen resolution and size as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The upcoming device will also use the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS.

The Samsung Galaxy Premier will reportedly also feature an eight-megapixel camera, which is similar to the flagship smartphone of the South Korean company. This is also better compared to the five-megapixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The other specs of the reported Samsung Galaxy Premier include near-field communication, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, as well as DLNA that is used to share media through home networks.

The Samsung Galaxy Premier will reportedly be offered in the European market, which means that consumers in the US will not be able to acquire the device unless they purchase it in Europe.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
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A smaller version of the latest smartphone offering of Samsung was revealed by the South Korean company in a recent event held in Germany. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features a four-inch Super AMOLED screen display with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution along with a dual-core 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM. The device will use the latest mobile OS of Google, the Jelly Bean Android 4.1.

The price and availability of the Galaxy S3 Mini in the US market was not revealed by the company.

According to the head of the mobile communications and IT division of Samsung, JK Shin, the Galaxy S3 is an innovative smartphone that was well-received in the international market. He added that the company is offering the same innovation into a much-smaller version of the device in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

The Galaxy S3 Mini will have two internal storage options, an 8GB option and a 16GB option, and can be expanded using a microSD memory card up to 32GB. The smaller version of the popular Samsung smartphone also comes with a five-megapixel camera at the back and a VGA camera in front.

Connectivity options of the Galaxy S3 Mini include Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. It also offers a near field communication feature and the Android Beam.

The Galaxy S3 Mini looks like the original device but is smaller and lighter. It is also considered a downgrade compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which offers a better camera, better resolution for its display, and 4G LTE connectivity.

But the features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini are not surprising considering that it is a smaller version of the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 23 Introduction of iPad Mini Hinted

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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Previous reports had hinted at an October 10 release of the supposed iPad Mini of Apple. However, the day came and the smaller version of the tablet offering of Apple was nowhere in sight.

Now the latest chatter has hinted of an October 23 release of the rumored iPad Mini. According to All Things D, sources have revealed that the iPad Mini will be introduced in a press event on October 23. The location of the reported press event was not revealed although speculations have emerged that the Cupertino campus of Apple will serve as the venue for the press event.

This has yet to be confirmed by Apple. An earlier report had indicated that invitations for the iPad Mini launch were supposed to be released on October 10 and the actual event will be held on October 17. The smaller version of the Apple tablet will supposedly be released into the market on November 2.  But no invitations were released by Apple.

Reports on the supposed iPad Mini have circulated in the web in the past few months. Earlier reports had revealed that the smaller version of the iPad was supposed to be launched with the iPhone 5, however later reports revealed that the iPad Mini will be launched around a month after the introduction of the latest version of the smartphone offering of Apple.

Issues in production have reportedly resulted to this delay in the introduction of the device. The reported October 23 launch date of the iPad Mini is two days prior to the announcement of the quarterly earnings of the company, and three days prior to the New York launch of the Windows 8 OS. The Microsoft Surface tablet will also be launched on the same date along with a number of tablets using the Windows 8 OS.

The iPad Mini will reportedly offer a 7.85-inch display screen and will feature the latest Lightning connector of the company. The device is expected to be released into the market a few weeks after it is launched.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Best Buy Reduces Price of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sunday

Black Samsung Galaxy S3
Black Samsung Galaxy S3
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Anyone who is hoping to score the best Android smartphone, for the moment that is, but are financially-challenged, October 14 will probably be a good day to purchase the device. Reports have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be offered at a discounted price on Best Buy on Sunday.

The release of the iPhone 5 may have prompted this reduction in the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 albeit only for one day. This comes after reports indicated that the latest model of the iPhone has surpassed the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung in terms of web traffic.

The price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will reportedly be reduced by $100 on Best Buy on October 14 only.

With the reduction, consumers will be able to acquire the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a cheaper price compared to when it was initially offered into the market. Consumers will be able to use the device once they sign up for a mobile service contract with one of the mobile service providers in the US.

The reduction will also make the Samsung Galaxy S3 cheaper compared to the price tag of the device over at Amazon Wireless. The site is offering the device at the lowest price tag in the market for the moment.

The report follows the recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which some observers have hinted is a cheaper option for the full-size Android device. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launched In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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Even as it has to deal with a rather competitive mobile market, Samsung recently released the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in its home country. The company has reportedly indicated that the international launch of the latest version of the smartphone-tablet hybrid will be implemented in the coming months.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be released in around 128 countries following its recent launch in South Korea. Even as the company did not reveal the exact release dates in the international market, it did indicate that the device will be released in the UK market near the start of the next month. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will also be released in the US market in the same month.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was initially unveiled during the IFA consumer electronics show last August in Berlin. The device follows the rather successful release of the original Samsung Galaxy Note last February.

According to the mobile business head of Samsung, JK Shin, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will live up to the reputation of the original version of the device, which created a distinctive category in the smart mobile device market.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is somewhat thinner and taller compared to its predecessor and weighs around 6.5 ounces. The device comes with a Super AMOLED screen display measuring 5.5 inches and a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. The device is available in 32GB and 64GB models.

The S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is thicker and longer compared to the previous model. It offers a better grip and additional functions. Users will be able to preview emails, videos, or a calendar by simply letting the pen hover above it. Users will also be able to create screen captures of images or text before sharing them through a text message or an email.

Shin indicated that the South Korean company intends to sell the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at a faster rate compared to the original model. However, analysts are uncertain about the attempt of Samsung in creating a new category in the same way the tablet niche was created by Apple with the iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is supposedly not appealing enough to attract new users and it may affect sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

A number of market observers have called the device a phablet, and it may compete with other similarly-sized smartphones and small-sized tablets. The sales target of the company shows the strong marketing strategy for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 although it remains uncertain if the subsidy will be increase in order to reduce its price tag. However, a number of analysts have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has its own niche.

People who are looking into usability, productivity, and mobility may be attracted to the Samsung Galaxy Note. The predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has reportedly sold around twelve million units in the international market after it was launched. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold around ten million units within two months after it was launched while sales of the iPhone 5 of Apple reached ten million during the first weekend it became available in the market.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Purple Halo Effect Noted On iPhone 5 Camera Images

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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As consumers are gradually getting their hands on the iPhone 5, it appears that the latest version of the smartphone offering of Apple has shown some issues on the screen and the images themselves.

According to reports, a purple halo would appear on the camera after it is aimed at a bright light source. Forum users on AnandTech have reportedly indicated that the issue appears if the camera of the iPhone 5 is pointed towards a light source that is bright, like an incandescent light or the sun. After the camera is moved to put the light source out of the screen, the camera will show a purple halo. The same purple halo will reportedly appear on the images that are taken.

One forum user showed some iPhone 5 images that had the artificial light source and the sun off screen. The purple halo appeared on the images. Another forum user also posted a video that showed the purple halo lens flare.

However, it appears that the iPhone 5 image glitch was not true to all users, which is typical when it comes to glitches on newly-released devices. But a user has indicated that Apple support had revealed that the issue was widespread and the company is reportedly investigating it. Apple support has reportedly revealed that many users have called in connection to this latest issue on the iPhone 5.

A number of forum users have indicated that the issue may have been caused by the camera’s sapphire crystal lens cover. The material was used to protect the lens from being scratched. Another report indicated that since sapphire is available in numerous colors, the purple halo glitch may have been caused by light being refracted through a sapphire lens colored purple.

No other forum has mentioned this particular issue on the iPhone 5. Therefore it is not easy to know how widespread the problem is. For the moment Apple has yet to release an official statement on the latest issue that has emerged following the launch of the iPhone 5.

The purple halo is the most recent issue in connection to the iPhone 5. Earlier issues that were reported by owners of the latest model of the iPhone include static lines found on the keyboard, light leaks, and scrapes along the edges of the device.

Apple has not made any official statements on the reported issues that affected the iPhone 5. However Phil Schiller, the marketing head of the company reportedly indicated that chips and scratches on the latest model of the iPhone is normal for a product made of aluminum.